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  • Charis Chio

Strategies to Motivate Your Child

Motivating your child could be a challenge. As parents, we want our child to learn and develop the necessary skills to achieve success but often, our efforts leave us in frustration. Whether it comes to learning within the four walls or stepping outside, explore these few strategies to motivate your child better.

  • Develop Routines and Structures

Introducing established routines in your family life will eliminate a majority of conflicts. Make sure that your child is involved while planning the routine, as they could find it overwhelming when you come out with the schedule yourself. This would also improve their organizational skills. Cultivate planning and organizational habits within your child such as listing down tasks and creating check-lists.

  • Acknowledge Your Child’s Struggles

Emphasize the process to your child rather than the outcome, as placing much pressure on the outcome will discourage your child from developing a love for learning. Practice active listening where you give your fullest attention to what your child is saying, to understand them. This creates a space where they feel safe and are likely to be more open to looking at future challenges in a new light.

  • Recognize Accomplishments

It is not wise to depend on rewards to build a relationship with your child. It will produce short-term results, but your child staying unmotivated will always be an underlying issue. Discuss with your child their future ambitions, that rewarding careers requires an investment of both time and effort. This approach would educate your child to develop intrinsic motivation.

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