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  • Charis Chio

Learning Outside the Classroom

We are constantly on the quest to prepare our kids to step into society. Hiring requirements these days looks beyond one’s academic abilities. Taking the learning outside the classroom teaches the young ones to be set in different situations every single day.

Move your child out of the traditional classroom environment and move them into the real world! Try these ways to help your child achieve developmental milestones.

  • Exploring the World

Educate your child about the world - history, geography, diversity of cultures, traditions and customs. Allow your child to spark their own curiosity. Get your child to take pictures and record what they learn during the trip. This allows your child to appreciate and understand the world around them.

  • Embrace ‘Everyday Education’

The tasks we do on a daily basis can be pretty mundane. However, they do lead to exciting new lessons for our young ones. Let your kids help you with the gardening as it helps them build fine skill motor skills and be engaged with their sensory exploration.

  • Learning Social Skills

Sign your child up for camps or even community activities to teach them turn-taking and teamwork! Have them learn and understand the diversity of people in the world. Not does it set your child to learn social skills at a young age, they are likely to be more confident in the future compared to their peers.

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