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  • Charis Chio

How You Can Strengthen Your Relationship with Your Child?

As your child grows, arguments become frequent and misunderstandings increase. Building a strong relationship with your child from a young age is more likely to make them co operate.

Having a mutually strong connection with your child is what makes parenting worth it.

1. Hug Your Child Everyday

Hugs are a simple way to reaffirm your love for your child. Give them a hug in the morning and before they go to bed. Hugs are a great form of non-verbal communication to tell your child that they are never alone. You will slowly start to see that your child would be more willing to be open about their issues.

2. Unplug Yourself and Start Understanding Your Child

Make some time out of your busy day to ask your child how they are. Unplug your devices, never multi-task. These would tell your child how important their feelings are and that you acknowledge them. Listen to their thoughts to understand your child better, not to reply. Even if you find yourself wholeheartedly disagreeing with them, never yell to get your point across. You will only result in resentment within your child.

3. Respect Boundaries

Good parenting includes letting your child make mistakes and learn from them. Don’t rob your child of that growth instead create a safe space where failure is normalized. Manifest healthy behavior by respecting their boundaries.

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