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  • Charis Chio

How Do Children Learn?

Updated: Dec 26, 2023

Young kids are particularly inquisitive and as parents, we should always encourage curiosity and embrace their interest in learning.

A significant method of how kids learn is through daily discussions. Therefore, in order to support and pique on their interest, it is essential to always be assertive to the situations presented.

Making connections for children of age as early as preschool age is vital. It has been reported that children of all ages comprehend and recall new things that identify with any encounters, information and skills they already have.

The best way to build on young kids’ prior knowledge is through their everyday experiences which might appear as additional work from the outset, however, in time, training your kid creates an alternate perspective and makes day to day activities increasingly fun and remunerating for everybody.

Guiding our children’s mind growth is essential yet simple. Using everyday activities as examples to explain situations is the best way to grow their minds. Simple activities like what happens to the garbage when they are collected from the huge rubbish chute, why it is important to wash hands regularly, how certain things work the way they do, are some examples to discuss about. Every child is curious.

Nonetheless, if your kid is not asking many questions, they might be restricting themselves by thinking it is not important. Asking prompt questions will encourage them to slowly open up. Such practice not only helps in brain boosting but also getting your daily chores done without feeling bored or burdened.

Teaching this knowledge to your children is not just a teacher’s job but also parent’s. Children spend as much time at home as in a school.

As you carry out your daily chores with your children, it gives them an opportunity to learn and also, feel inclusive. This boosts up their morale at a young age. While investing energy with your kids every day, make each minute important to cultivate kids' affection for learning. It's not what you do with your kids, but how you do it!

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