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Give Children Space to Grow and be Independent: Education Minister Chan Chun Sing

Singapore’s education system is constantly evolving to meet the needs and aspirations of its students, parents and teachers. In a recent interview with The Straits Times, Education Minister Mr. Chan Chun Sing shared his insights on how to nurture independent, respectful and confident learners in the 21st century. Here are some of the key points from his interview.

🌱 Nurturing Independence: Creating Space for Growth

Minister Chan acknowledged the high educational attainment of Singaporean parents and their increased involvement in their children's lives. However, he stressed the importance of striking a balance between being supportive and allowing children the space to learn from failures and challenges. The minister encourages parents not to shield their children from difficulties, as these experiences are crucial in developing independence in children.

Minister Chan emphasizes the significance of identifying the right level of parental involvement at various stages in a child's life. Reflecting on evolving parenting styles, he adds, "We are also maturing in our parenting style, whether it's with our first, second, or third child." This underscores a dynamic approach to parenting that adapts to the unique needs of each child at different life stages.

👩‍🏫 Understanding Today's Education Challenges

Acknowledging the increasing complexities in the teaching profession, Minister Chan emphasized the need for educators to address the diverse needs and abilities of students. He underscored the importance of providing teachers with the necessary skills and knowledge to guide students in discovering their strengths and pursuing their aspirations.

🌈 Embracing Diversity and Fostering Culture of Respect: Minister Chan's Vision

Minister Chan expressed a strong belief in fostering a culture of respect, empathy and teamwork by helping students appreciate the diverse gifts and talents that individuals possess.

Minister Chan envisions every child in every school recognizing and embracing their distinctive contributions. This powerful message aims to instill confidence universally, fostering an inclusive environment that celebrates the individuality of every child.

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