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Boost Your Child's Math Skills With Engaging Singapore Math Games!

As parents and educators, we are continually seeking innovative ways to cultivate a love for learning in our children. Math, often perceived as challenging, requires not just understanding, but also a sense of enjoyment to truly master. This is where the mathematics games based on the Singapore Math model come into play. Renowned for its focus on mastery through deep understanding, Singapore Math has transformed the traditional approach to math education. Now, imagine coupling this powerful methodology with the dynamic world of gaming. Singapore Math games are not merely educational tools; they are adventures that beckon young minds to explore, discover, and enjoy math as never before.  

What is Singapore Maths? 


The core of Singapore Math lies in its emphasis on conceptual understanding, mental strategies, and problem-solving abilities. It breaks down complex mathematical concepts into manageable blocks, enabling children to grasp difficult abstract concepts by first understanding them in a tangible, concrete manner. This methodological approach systematically builds up to a level where children can solve complex problems with ease and confidence.  


By applying this to games, we take the methodology out of the textbooks and bring it to life, creating a math playground where learning is as instinctive as it is fun. 


Why Singapore Maths-based Games Are Effective


Singapore Math games tap into the natural playfulness and curiosity of children. They serve as an excellent bridge between structured learning and creative thinking. Here are some reasons for their effectiveness: 

  1. Interactive Learning: These games turn passive learning into an active experience, compelling children to engage, interact, and respond. The tactile and visual elements of the games help solidify the concepts being taught. 

  1. Instant Feedback: With instant feedback, children can quickly learn from mistakes and understand the correct approach, fostering a learning environment where trial and error are part of the fun. 

  1. Incremental Challenges: Just like any well-designed game, Singapore Math games introduce concepts gradually. They start with simple problems and, as a child's skills improve, the games naturally progress to more complex tasks. 


Types of Maths Games that use Singapore Math 


Singapore Math's philosophy can be encapsulated in a variety of game types, each designed to target specific areas of math: 


1. Number Bonds 

Number bond games are incredibly versatile. They start with basic sums and progress to include subtraction, multiplication, and division as children advance. These games reinforce the idea that numbers are not just symbols on a page; they represent quantities that can be broken down and recombined in various ways. 


2. Number Modelling 

Number modelling is a visual method for solving word problems that can be turned into a puzzle game. Children are presented with a problem and use visual cues to represent numbers visually. This includes using solid count of recognisable objects to aids in visualising and solving the problem at hand. It helps in understanding the structure of the math behind the problem. 


3. Mental Math Challenges 

Mental math games are designed to be fast-paced and exciting. They improve cognitive flexibility, allowing children to switch between different operations and concepts quickly. This enhances not just their math skills but also their general cognitive abilities. 


Here are a few game ideas based on the Singapore Math Methodology 


When math is made playful, children are more likely to engage with and retain the concepts. Here are some engaging Singapore Math game ideas


  1. 'Bonds of Treasure': This pirate-themed adventure game uses number bonds to unlock treasures. As children play, they not only practice their addition and subtraction but also begin to understand the part-whole relationship in a number. 


  1. 'Bar Model Quest': In this epic quest, each level is a story problem that requires players to construct bar models to find the solution. It's a strategic way to develop an understanding of algebraic thinking, even at a young age. 


  1. 'Mental Math Space Race': A game that turns mental math into a galactic adventure. Kids solve problems to fuel their spaceship, racing against time to explore new planets and galaxies. 


Benefits of Singapore Math 


  1. The benefits of Singapore Math extend far beyond the scope of traditional math education. Games based on the Singapore Math have multiple benefits: 


  1. Develop Problem-Solving Abilities: They teach children to think critically and to approach problems from different angles. 


  1. Build Confidence in Math: Success in these games translates to a greater self-assurance in math class, fostering a positive mindset towards the subject. 


  1. Enhance Cognitive Development: These games promote cognitive skills like memory, attention, and logic, all of which are crucial for academic success. 


Incorporating Games into Daily Learning 

Adding online math activities based on the Singapore Math model to your child's daily routine can be a seamless and rewarding experience. Even a short, daily session with these games can lead to significant improvements in a child's mathematical abilities. They can be incorporated into homework time, played on long car rides, or even used as a family-friendly activity that gets everyone involved. 


Introducing Smartli! 


Begin revolutionizing your child's approach to math by introducing them to the captivating universe of Singapore Math through the Smartli app. Immerse your kids in a playful learning journey where they can enhance math games online with enjoyment. Embark on this thrilling educational quest today and become part of a community of parents and educators who have already seen the extraordinary benefits of Singapore Math in action. With Smartli, unlock your child's math potential in a way that’s not just effective, but also incredibly fun! 


Try Smartli’s Singapore Maths Methodology-based Math Learning game for kids –

The app is available on Google PlayStore and Apple App Store.

  1. Smartli 1 (5 years to 7 years old) - Google PlayStore and Apple App Store

  2. Smartli 2 (8 years old)  - Google PlayStore and Apple App Store

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