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  • Charis Chio

6 Must-know Tips to Boost Your Kid's Self Esteem

Have you observed if your child is confident and capable? Or do they seem self-critical? Confidence plays a huge role in a child's developmental journey. We all agree, people with high self-esteem progressively become successful in life.

As a parent, it is our duty to closely watch and boost our child’s self-esteem. We should help them feel confident and competent.

Kids with high confidence have the certainty to attempt new activities and feel pride in their achievements. Not only do these confident children have the enthusiastic capacity to withstand absence of progress, they have the mental fortitude to attempt again without losing hope.

However, on the other hand, for kids with low self-esteem, they tend to be very hard on themselves for not achieving enough and be more negative over any approach when they make mistakes. This creates a barrier for the children to not want to try again and rips their opportunities to be successful.

Friends and peers can be brutal and insensitive when it comes to jokingly comment or criticize. As a guardian, we should be very critical and careful about how we tackle this and help our children at home colossally. It's important that our kids have a solid hold of confidence, which will likewise fill in as a cradle to endure the repulsiveness of other children.

We have curated some strategies you can use to help your child feel better and confident about themselves:

1) Guide your kids to set goals that are attainable

Start small and as they taste success in each goal, automatically that will boost their self-esteem and feel encouraged to set more bigger goals to establish.

2) Allow your young ones to take decisions

It's difficult to have confidence when you don't have any authority over your life. To give a feeling of poise, allow your children to make their own choices. For example, this can be as basic as giving them the liberty to pick out the clothes they want to wear.

3) Show them unconditional love

Despite failures and mistakes, ensure that as parents, you will still love and believe in them. This will deeply make or break their self-esteem.

4) Our kids are always watching us

Use it to your benefit and allow them to catch you complimenting them to others. This allows a major lift to their confidence level.

5) Make it a point to make them understand that no one is perfect or can be and perfection is not required of them.

Discourage your young ones from endeavouring to be great. Your kid's confidence will be compromised when they understand that they can never be great. Instead, be encouraging when they show efforts and little progression.

6) Take pride in your own actions and be more patient with yourself.

As they witness your own efforts and your attempts to take care of yourself, they will follow your footsteps and understand the importance of their mental health being.

Undoubtedly, a kid with high confidence is more joyful and progressively certain. We need the best for our kids, so it's our duty to help lead our youngsters this way.

What we do at home can significantly affect our kids’ future. Show your kids to adore and trust in themselves, and they'll receive the rewards all through their whole lives.

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