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Offer your child a head-start and witness results with just 15 minutes a day*.

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Smartli 1 (5 years to 7 years)

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Smartli 2 (8 years old)

Smartli is Trusted with over 500+ 
5-Stars Review


Jessica Lim

After only just 2 weeks, I'm already noticing improvements in my child's math.

Joan Goh

Not only does my son enjoy playing this game, but he's also learning math while having a great time.

Ricky Tay

Math used to be the subject my child disliked the most, but now it's one of his favorite subject in school

Germaine Teo

Smartli has made a positive impact on my daughter with ADHD and I've noticed an improvement in her math skills

Parent's testimonial 3

 Alethea used to dread when it was time to revise math, but not anymore. When she’s playing, she even forgets that she is actually learning. Super amazing!

I’ve downloaded Smartli on her tablet, and I’m happy to see that she uses her free time to play Smartli instead!


Embark on an exciting journey of discovery and growth with Smartli

Parent's testimonial 1

*Results may vary among individual children

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